State of metaverse: overview & analysis

Friday, December 24, 2021 10:19:00 PM

Word Count

2'500 words minimum.

3’000 words expected

4'000 words at most


  • I expect a deep article, with a detailed analysis
  • Use data to highlight what you say
  • Provide as much data as you can. Duneanalytics is a must to get a lot of public data, from dashboards other people made for you (totally free)
  • Insert chart pictures when needed
  • Source when you can
  • Enhance the content with dynamic content (tweets, videos, keynotes from meta for example)
  • Write in a friendly, fun, cool style

Part 1: What is a metaverse = Definition, why we need it, value

Part 2: How it’s working = technology (gaming or virtual reality) how to use it, set up, hardware

Part 3: Metaverse history: what happened before 2021 (early versions, Second life, Ready Player One, tech)

Part 4: What happened in 2021: Facebook become Meta, Rise of metaverse projects (Sandbox, Decentraland), links between crypto and metaverse, links between nft and metaverse, etc...

Part 5: Focus on best Metaverse projects (for each= short presentation with data, how it’s works, why it’s special)

Part 6: Metaverse market numbers: use data and analytics dashboard to illustrate The rise of metaverse (with crypto & nft market, audience, democratization)

Part 6: Current and future trends in the Metaverse (epic games with fortnite, gaming…)

Part 6b: focus on NFT in Metaverse

Part 7: Centralisation (Meta for example) vs open metaverse (blockchain projects)

Part 7b: Issues= Introduction with Matrix (kind of a metaverse), tech, legal, transhumanism, ethic,

Part 8: People to follow about Metaverse