State of NFTs: overview & analysis of the current market

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 4:54:00 AM


  1. Apply to task
  2. Approve lead -> lead is @arjun
  3. Feedback period: 5 days after the deadline


Word Count:

  • 2.000 words minimum
  • 3.000 words expected
  • 4.000 words if you must

Topics to cover

Part 1: What is an NFT & How to create an NFT

Part2: Back on what happened in 2021: NFT summer / bull market / who were the big successes of the year, why it took off, etc...

Part 3: NFT Market numbers: use some duneanalytics dashboards to illustrate

Part 4: NFT Marketplaces: Overview, with opensea as the number one leader

Part 5: Road to the democratization of NFTs: visa story, coinbase launch to come, universal with the apes rock stars, mainstream people coming in the market like jimmy fallon, stephen curry, etc...

Part 6: Current trends in the NFT Market

Part 7: Issues = scams, the way the drops are made, current ethereum gas fees, high volatility, owners rights vs copyright, etc…

Part 8: People to follow about NFT

Global information

  • I expect a deep article, with a detailed analysis
  • Use data to highlight what you say
  • Provide as much data as you can. Duneanalytics is a must to get a lot of public data, from dashboards other people made for you (totally free)
  • Insert chart pictures when needed
  • Write in a friendly, fun, cool style