Write a guide to crypto taxation and compliance in Europe

Friday, October 8, 2021 9:59:00 PM

What the article is about (background context):

An overview of taxes on cryptocurrency are being applied by the European parliament, as well as any other KYC/AML regulations that apply.

The article will also go deeper into a few individual European states and how each country is treating crypto taxes in their region i.e. Germany, France, UK, Spain, Malta, Portugal, plus the UK.

For whom the article is meant to be read (target audience):

Freelancers and businesses in Europe who deal in crypto, and have to comply with tax regulations.

Why the article is being written (desired outcomes, and CTA):

Impress upon readers (businesses and individuals) the growing importance of taxation and KYC/AML compliance, and assisting readers how to be compliant with when dealing in crypto.

The article must also highlight the ability to denominate invoices in fiat while receiving the actual payment in crypto with Request Invoicing. This feature helps businesses and individuals dealing with crypto to have a clear paper trail and to be compliant with KYC/AML, and tax laws.

Keywords: crypto tax for business, crypto tax for freelancers, crypto compliance, KYC/AML.